What is MCtheGirL or MC1GirL?

MCtheGirL and MC1GirL is the same thing.

They both are a nick name for a creative person who just happens to b the owner of this web site.
Because this web site has a lot of stuff, we thought about naming it MC's Stuff, but that did not sound so great.
MC the person is not what this enter site is about. Please, read on...

What Is This Site About?

This web site is about much more than a girl nick named as MC
This web site is about much more than one kind of things.

For Example, Here are a few things that this web site is known for...

Obtain a cheap priced, good quality built, web site specially designed for you, your business, or family pet.
Get direct links to or downloading neat backgrounds for your desktop, online profile, or web site.
Brows through lots of different web site templates and use them on your web site for free.
Learn the many wonderful and horrifying random facts about a multiplying of different things.

MCtheGirL/MC1GirL, the Person?

MC stands for, Melissa Carlisle.
Melissa Carlisle is a person of female gender.
MC is a self tought web designer and a very creative person.
To know more information about MC, please visit MCtheGirL.Me

What Is The Cost For The Adverage Web Site?

Web Site For Personal Use

Personal Web Sites Are Free, I do not charge for a web site that does not and will not make money. If you just want a personal site for yourself as a fancy or professional online profile/resume, for your grandmothers a gift, or in memory of your old pet who's passed away; there is no charge. I feel for you, I understand that you will make no money off of the site, so why have you pay for it, right?

Online Business Cards

Online business cards that consist of simply one page and a few photos cost money.
The cost is a flat rate of $2.00 a month and a one time designer's fee of $5.00,
that's a total of a one time cost of $8! So what are you waiting for? Get your business known on the world wide web!

Business Web Site Online

Web Sites for real business with a physical address are reasonably priced.
The cost for monthly hosting is $5.00 only, for five pages and a home page; that's 6/six pages total! You don't have to worry about GB storage ever and you do not have any limitations on how many photos are upload or used on your web site, but all photos must be appropriate and not restricted to the viewing of children under 18; there will be no porn hosted by MCtheGirL what so ever.
There is a one time designer's fee of $50.00 You can pay an additional $20.00 for a custom domain that can last from 1-2 years, or you can keep it simple and use the direct SUB-domain which usually looks something like this: http://mcthegirl.com/host/yoursite

How To Pay

How To Pay:
Cash & Checks Only.
Also, you may transfer money to my bank account, but to do this, you have to prove to the bank that the credit or money transfer you're presenting is not fraudulent. If the money is fraudulent, the proper actions will be taken by higher authority...
Paypal Will Be Availbe In The Futer, not now.

Under Construction

This Web Site Is Under Consteuction
MCtheGirL .com .me .info - MC1GirL .com .info .org
Can never be complete because of the fact that MC the person continues to make new things each and every day,
there for, this cluster of web sites will always be getting new things and filing away old ideas for erternity.

Please understand that more information will aprear upon this web site soon enough!

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